I love rhubarb.  It hasn’t always been that way, though.   I remember my grandmother making Rhubarb pie.   It was crunchy.  And sour.   And I was turned off for YEARS!   Now, however, rhubarb is one of my favorite kinds of produce because it signals the end of winter.   Here in Michigan, I’m STILL not seeing rhubarb yet, but I’m eagerly looking forward to trying some new recipes and some eating some old favorites.


Here are some great recipes using Rhubarb from both me and Pinterest — please, Pin the ORIGINAL post, not my post.  Thanks!


Rhubarb Muffins  – a guest post over at My Favorite Finds.



This looks fabulous.  I love crunches/crisps because they are SO easy to do!



This totally makes me want an ice cream maker!


It’s never occurred to me to make cookies from rhubarb, but I’d love to be able to try this one…you know, if spring or summer ever get here :).


I’m not a big preserver.   I mostly just don’t have time, but I do always freeze some rhubarb for making my rhubarb muffins (see above).  I just chop it up into small pieces, put it into freezer bags, get as much air out as I can and freeze it.   I don’t do anything else to it, making it a great way to not have to throw it out because I’ve left it too long :).   When I’m ready to use it, I thaw a bag in the fridge and throw it in my recipe, juices and all.



You could also can it.


You can also find out more about using up summer’s bounty at these posts:


What do you do with your Rhubarb harvest?

Jen S.





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