Well, I had hoped to share a recipe with you all today, but alas, I never did make it recently and I don’t have photos to share. Who wants a recipe without photos?

Anyway, I decided that since I hadn’t written anything just because, in a long time, I would do that and write an update on my first trimester.

I’m well into my 4th month at this point (see pic above from a week or two ago) and I have to say that so far, baby #3 has been harder than the others.  On everyone else.  I haven’t noticed it being harder on me, but everyone else has been complaining about it :).


Morning Sickness


My morning sickness started out noticable by a week or two after I found out, but sea-bands took care of that.   After the sea-bands stopped working (a month or so?), I started on various supplements that I needed.  I started with magnesium chloride foot soaks.   It was one of the areas where I was slightly deficient and it REALLY helped.   During the peak of morning sickness, I could tell that I needed another soak before 48 hours.   As that started to lose effectiveness, I added B12 in the evenings when it was worse and then D3, after that.    Beyond that, I prayed for sleep :).

I will admit that in retrospect, it was worse for longer than normal and I’m not quite sure why that is.  I AM having digestive issues and I was actually seeing a naturopath this summer/fall trying to get those issues fixed before I got pregnant again and I just wasn’t quick enough :).  I those digestive troubles  complicated things.    Before morning sickness was annoying but I could function fine except for 2-3 weeks at it’s peak.   Then it was almost over.  It lasted much longer and more intensely in this time around.   I also couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t want to eat hardly anything.   I’m sure my nutrition suffered and I didn’t exercise at all.


Pulling Out of It

I started to come out of the blah a few weeks prior to Christmas.   But I still was soooooo tired.   I decided that I would try adding iron and it was delivered 2-day the day after Christmas.   A week of that and I was back on top of things.  The house was beginning to look clean again!

Then on New Year’s Eve, hubby went out to help with a charity event in the cold and snow for about 12 hours.   Two days later he had that icky fever-y, congested flu that was going around.    In 2 days my youngest had it and two days later my older daughter and I caught it.    We literally laid around for 2 solid weeks and went pretty slow for another one.    I didn’t start feeling really good until just before her birthday (the 31st).   Which was pretty much out of the first trimester.


Blessings & Baby Prep

We have made it to 20 weeks.  Yay!   I haven’t had any miscarriages since I got put on my thyroid medication, but I still worry a bit.   Luckily, the intense sickness was a good sign that everything was as it should be :).

We didn’t hear the heartbeat for a while since we only use the fetoscope (not the doppler), but I was pretty sure I felt flutterings :).

I’ve been preparing for a June due date and I actually already dug out the NB & 0-3 mos baby clothes in preparation to see what I had left.  In fact, I washed them today.    I think I may need to buy a few more onesies and sleepers but I’ll wait to see what I’m having and then hit up carters.com!   Hopefully I’ll hit a sale and/or find a coupon code.   I think it’s another girl, but that’s just my intuition.  So far, I am 2 for 2, but hubby thinks I’m crazy :D.

I’ve also been working on trying to get ahead on my writing, both for guest posts, the magazine and our business but also for this blog.  So far, I have ideas scheduled and outlined into July and I have a few ladies who have volunteered to write guest posts, too.   I’m pretty excited about that!   If you would like to guest post in July or August, let me know!!


Are you a early preparer or do you do most of your preparation in the 6 weeks before baby comes?




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