One of the other ways that your children (and you) can help others, is to clothe the naked.  People all over the world are without shoes or warm clothes to get by.

Winter Coat Drives

In northern Michigan this time of year, various organizations are holding winter coat, hat & mitten drives for people of all ages.   This is a great time to help others by turning in some gently used winter gear to help others get through a bitterly cold winter.  If you have an older child and there IS no drive going on in your area, maybe they would like to try starting one!

Give of Yourself

I’ve noticed that my daughter seems to derive great joy from giving to others, even more so than receiving.    There are many organizations that actually give items donated to those in need instead of selling them in their thrift shop.  Find one and give your child free rein to donate 1 or 2 items from their dresser to someone in need.    If giving them free rein scares you a bit, reserve a few pieces that they cannot choose from, like their Christmas outfit, and leave them out of the drawer.

Go Shopping

If they are old enough to have their own giving money, take them to a store with some great clearance racks and have them look for clothes for others.  New baby clothes could also be donated to most pregnancy care centers and baby pantries.

How does your family help clothe others?

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