At first glance, instructing the ignorant seemed like the hardest of the works of mercy for children to do.   Once I thought about HOW kids operate, it wasn’t as hard as I had thought.   Giving and Gratitude (for kids) comes naturally.  How many times have you witnessed two brothers huddled together as one teaches the other something?

For the next few days, we will be concentrating on teaching things to others.   If you have little kids, the older one can teach them how to pick up, or how to complete a simple chore (like putting away the kid cups/bowls, if you have them in an easily accessible place).    Or maybe teach them how to play with a particular toy.   My daughter was overjoyed to teach her baby sister how to use her Hot Dot Jr set to learn her colors and baby sister caught on quick!

If your child is older, they can teach a younger sibling or a friend how to do something they are good at or enjoy doing.   Ideas include knitting, making friendship bracelets or other jewelry, how to groom a pet, how to count to 10 in another language, you name it.  The ideas are endless!

If your child is in high school, they might even consider being a tutor for someone who is having trouble in a subject they excel in!

What are some ways that your children serve by teaching others?  

 Jen S.



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2 Comments on Instructing the Ignorant {Giving & Gratitude for Kids} #30DayGive

  1. Julie Bastuk
    11 November 2012 at 8:21 PM (10 years ago)

    My boys are still little, but my youngest (22 months) has picked up so much from his older brothers. They’ve taught him how to unload the dishwasher, transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer, put toys away, give mommy hugs when I’m having a tough day…the list goes on and on. And the biggest perk is that through them serving me by grabbing diapers, wipes, etc, and being encouraging, we’ve got him well on his way to being potty trained. Can’t complain about that, and I owe alot of it to my older two boys being such big helpers.
    Julie Bastuk´s last blog post ..A November Challenge for Myself – I Will Not Complain (Outloud)


    jen Reply:

    That’s awesome! I love that the younger ones have such great examples of how to be helpful.

    Thanks so much for commenting!


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