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I eternally struggle in the kitchen.  Mostly because I HATE cleaning it, but I also know that while I have greatly improved, there is so much more I want to learn!

This month, we were sent a preview of Lorrie’s newest product that she is offering for Christmas — A Cooking Extravaganza.

Included is 7 downloadable e-books/booklets

  1. Bulk Cooking Tips and Trick
  2. Fill Em Up
  3. Healthy Sanity Saving Breakfasts
  4. Lorrie’s Favorite Recipes from 2011
  5. Pizza Primer
  6. Sensational Salads
  7. The Secrets of Chocolate Chip Cookies

AND a signed printed copy of “What’s for Dinner Mom?” (I wrote a review of What’s for Dinner, Mom? a few months ago).

The thing that I liked about the short e-booklets is that they are short and sweet — about 8-13 pages each — and share the best of each area they address.   Because sometimes that’s all I need.   My brain is just too fried to be able to THINK.   The salad e-booklet, for instance, has a lot of information about salads and then includes several pages of other toppings that you can put in.   Sometimes, it’s beyond my abilities at the end of the day to be that creative.

The chocolate chip book had excellent tips on making cookies and I have to say that I have finally got those nailed down and she was spot on with every single tip.   The pizza tips were great, but I don’t think I could ever change my pizza crust recipe.  Hubby might revolt :).   My favorite e-booklet was Fill ‘Em Up!   My girls are only 4-1/2 and 2 and I swear I spend ALL DAY feeding them.   I can’t even imagine how much worse it will be when they get older!

The bundle will be going up for sale on 11/19 for $19.97.    If you want to try to win one, you can visit Randy’s Rib for a chance to get a copy for free!    Ordering one for a Christmas gift?   Be sure to order by 12/12 to make sure the physical book arrives in time!

What part of homemaking do you struggle with?

Jen S.



Disclaimer:  A copy of this package was received from Eternal Encouragement Magazine as part of the Gabby Mom’s Review program in exchange for an honest post about the product.

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