Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?   Even if your husband is like mine.  He’s not a fan of sweets unless it’s one of the top 5 favorites and he loves meals that are light, but hardy and make him feel good and not sluggish.  Whenever I make one of his favorites, he knows that I made it just for him because I like to vary my sweets and love heavy casseroles :).

Earlier this week, the Dating Diva’s (I cannot believe I haven’t mentioned them yet!) released an e-cookbook for hubbies called Dating Diva’s Recipes Revealed.   It’s a 33-page e-book of recipes that make the Dating Diva’s men sing their praises and includes tried and true recipes for nearly every man.   It includes appetizers, main dishes and desserts for nearly every taste.

Dating Diva’s Recipes Revealed includes healthy fare, soups, salads, sandwiches and “normal” main dishes, too, so it’s great for all budgets!   I’ve heard of many of these recipes or seen them and now they are all in one place.   This weekend, I plan on making the Chocolate Melting Cake first.   He has ALWAYS wanted me to make one and this one looks perfect for two.

So this weekend, make your hubby one of his favorites or get the Dating Diva’s Recipes Revealed and try something new.   This week only (I think it ends tomorrow or the next day) you can get a copy for only $2.95!

Jen S.



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