Phew!   Well things are starting to line up a little on the kiddo front.    We night weaned our “baby” who turns 2 next week (!!!) and now she has a 15-30 minute nap and is sound asleep at 8pm.   Interestingly, she sleeps much sounder and longer now that she does not count on my breasts to get back to sleep (TMI?).   I had a feeling this would be the case but never imagined that she would start sleeping through the night so well!

So.  That being said, I am much better rested for obvious reasons and so that takes the whole “I’m so exhausted I can barely function” obstacle out of the equation.  Let’s not talk about jury duty, a magazine deadline, going out of town for #allume, and 2 birthday parties before the month’s end.   I won’t be exercising at all this week.   I just don’t. have. time.    I’m freaking out just a little.



As usual, I haven’t been able to fit extra exercise in as I’m still trying to get housework and work to mesh well.  I did get weight training in twice this week so I’m psyched about that.

Run/Cardio: 0 of 3

Strength : 2 of 2

Abs : none



I definitely ate lots of apples, grapes, carrots and such this week.  Was it enough?  No, but I was tempted to eat out. every. single. night.   I managed to throw together nearly every meal even if it was a little hodge-podge.

I kind of lost control on the pop this week.  I think I had 3!    This is one case where I think hubby is a bad influence on me — which isn’t normally the case.

Fruit/Veggies:  6 days

Juice: 0

Pop: 2 over goal

Choices over water: 0

Eating Out:  twice


Overall Goals



Challenge Start Weight: 160 lbs

Week Start Weight: 157.5 lbs

Week End Weight: 157 lbs

Total gain/loss:  -0.5 lbs

Given my meager efforts, I’m glad that I’m not gaining.  Especially since it’s practically winter!

This week, I have a mom’s group meeting this morning, jury selection (ugh), work, halloween pics for girls, work, my daughter’s birthday, my godson’s birthday, another mom’s group meeting, and then I prep for Allume and my daughter’s ACTUAL birthday (on the road — isn’t she lucky ;?).

Come check out all the ladies participating in the Get Healthy & Fit Challenge at Sidetracked Sarah’s!

Jen S.

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