Well, this week was a complete bust.  My daughter and Godson had their birthday parties this weekend and I’ve been totally stressed about a magazine deadline as well as getting ready to go to #allume!    SO EXCITED.   And So. Busy.   The busyness has thrown my mealtimes to something like 11am, 3pm and 8pm which doesn’t help.  And I suspect that I am getting close to THAT time due which makes me a little bloated 🙁  Blah.


As I mentioned last week, I wouldn’t be doing anything.   And I was right.

Run/Cardio: 0 of 3

Strength : 0 of 2

Abs : none



I think I ended up drinking a ton of pop and eating desserts at the birthday parties this weekend.   On the flip side, I also ate a lot of salads.   I was really too busy to keep good track so these are purely guesses.

Fruit/Veggies:  4-5 days

Juice: 0

Pop: 3 over goal

Choices over water: 0

Eating Out:  three times?  I lost count.


Overall Goals



Challenge Start Weight: 160 lbs

Week Start Weight: 156.5 lbs

Week End Weight: 156.5 lbs

Total gain/loss:  +1.5 lbs

This week, I am leaving for #allume and so I’m not getting any exercise in.  On the flip side, I won’t have a ton of opportunity for snacking (my nemisis) so hopefully I will maintain, without gain :).  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Jen S.

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