I’m so excited to be joining 22 other ladies in writing about cleaning & organizing this week!  Yesterday, I wrote about my favorite tools for cleaning carpets.   Today, I’m writing about my favorite tools for cleaning hardwood floors.

1. Libman Tornado Mop

I have tried every mop on the face of the planet and none of them do a darn thing.   I have used the Swiffer (leaves a film and expensive to buy refills), the Rubbermaid Reveal (doesn’t get any cleaner no matter what I put in it, and it doesn’t get crusty stuff off AT ALL; it’s the only Rubbermaid product I haven’t loved 🙁 ), and I even tried an Oreck Steam Mop and that was completely worthless.

I have kids, small ones and that means that I have stuff falling in weird places and getting crusty before I notice it.   A regular mop is all that gets the job done and my favorite is the Libman Tornado Mop.  I don’t even need a bucket  because it has this cool ratcheting mechanism that lets you squeeze the water out without getting your hands icky (like a sponge mop does).     I’ve had mine for about a year and just bought a refill for it, which I didn’t know existed, so that’s even better!

2.   Microfiber Cloths


I bought microfiber cloths almost exactly like these in the automotive section at Sam’s Club at least 5 years ago and they look brand new.  I bought the pretty home ones and they are all holey and icky already.   I use these microfiber cloths to dry my floor.   Since all washing leaves a film and the mop above has much more water, it really is necessary to dry the hardwood floor after mopping.   I put one under each foot and dry the floor after each section.   Since they are 16″ x 16″, a little goes a long way and I still run out!

3.  A playdoh knife.


Why a playdoh knife?   Because plastic knives you eat with have some serration and I don’t want to scratch the floor.   A playdoh knife is smooth on all sides, yet hard enough to scrape off sticky stuff. The spreaders in Zoo Pals Funtensils would work well, too. I have a box in my pantry somewhere, don’t you :D?

4.   Dawn Soap.


Well, technically, you could use any dish soap, but I always have Dawn around my house because it. Works.  Period.   Not only does it work well for washing floors, but it’s a great clothing degreaser, and I’ve seen several homemade bubble solution recipes that call for it specifically.   Multipurpose, this stuff, I tell ya ;).

5.   The Kitchen Sink

I wasn’t kidding when I said that I didn’t even need a bucket.  I don’t even HAVE a bucket.  I only need to visit my sink twice while doing my whole kitchen and dining room.  And when I’m done, I’m not sloshing water all over and getting wet.   Or is that just me?

What are your must have tools for cleaning hardwood floors?


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