If you are just stopping by, this week I am participating in the 5 Days of Cleaning & Organizing with 21 other bloggers.  I’ve been talking about my favorite cleaning tools.   On Monday, I shared my favorite tools for cleaning carpet and Tuesday, I talked about cleaning hardwood floors.  I talked about my most hated chore — washing dishes — and the tools I use to make that easier.

Today, I’m talking about everyone’s favorite room to clean — the bathroom.  There are so many different types of surfaces to clean, that I have a whole arsenal of bathroom cleaning tools.  No joke.

1. Toilet Brush with Holder.


Having a good toilet brush is essential to making sure the toilet is clean when you want it to be clean when someone is, unfortunately, sick.   I prefer to keep a toilet brush in each bathroom instead of schlepping around a toilet brush and therefore, it must have a good holder — preferably one that works when my replacement brush is a different brand or type.  I also prefer to have one that has the little extension for cleaning under the lip.

2.   Microfiber Cloths


Microfiber is my favorite bathroom cleaning tool.  I actually love it for cleaning everywhere!   I take 2 with me while cleaning the bathroom; one for the counters and toilet and one for the mirror.

3.   Spray bottles.


 While the cosmetic style sprayers are smaller and easier to handle, they tend to be junk.  Buy the bigger sprayer bottles and they will cover better and last longer.  I use a few drops of soap, some water, and some tea tree essential oil (it has disinfectant properties) to clean my counters and toilet rim/lid.

4.   Windex.


I’ve tried homemade window cleaners and even just water with the microfiber.  I just like the windex better.  It takes me about 10 years to use a bottle (don’t ask how often I clean my windows), so I don’t worry TOO much about it.

6.   Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

Right now, I’m not too picky on the brand or kind, though I’ve been using Ecover.   The pine scent is a little weird, but it’s not bad.

7.   Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.


Nothing else gets the mildew out of the texture at the bottom of my shower.  Nuff said.


 What is your secret bathroom cleaning tool?


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