A few months ago I wrote a review on Lorrie Flem’s book, Yelling:  The Cause, The Casualty, and The Cure.    My 3 year old, 1 year old and I were screaming all over the place.   Here is what I had to say last time:

Given the increase in the amount of yelling around this house, Lorrie’s e-book Yelling: The Cause, The Casualty, The Cure could not have arrived at a better time. Lorrie is somehow able to sympathize with the reasons that I yell while making me resolve to change. And she can do all that without making me feel like a terrible mom! In addition to pointing out the causes, the discusses the effects of yelling on children and how to beat your trigger points.

I have to say that there is a lot less yelling going on in our house now.  I’ve gotten to work on our biggest issue and my own trigger points.   Thankfully, it’s been much more peaceful in our house.   The only yelling that goes on now (by me at least :D), is when someone stomps on my feet with shoes on or my little one is doing something potentially dangerous.

Last month, I had gotten an email that Lorrie was removing all individual ebooks from her website, I was really bummed!   It was for a great reason, though!  Yelling:  the Cause, the Casualty, the Cure is now available on Amazon!

If you’ve been hesitating about buying one of her products or you need help with your yelling, too, here is your chance to get one for free.   Mark your calendar because on Tuesday, July 24th, you will be able to get it free for your Kindle!     She is also holding a Facebook party that day from 2-4p and 8-10p (EST).

Hope to see you there!

Jen S.



Disclaimer:  A free copy of the ebook was provided in exchange for this post from Lorrie Flem @ Eternal Encouragement.

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