I can’t believe I’ve not shared these articles yet, but I had some guest posts in May and June that I haven’t shared.

Save Money By Determining Your Decorating Style @ Homemakers Challenge

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for cute.  I cannot tell you how many “cute” things I’ve purchased, gotten them home, and sent them to Goodwill a year later because they didn’t work with anything else I had.  I’ve gotten better at passing up “cute” by having a specific style in mind.  Here is how to determine your decorating style…

Trio of Muffins Using Summer Bumper Crops @ My Favorite Finds (part of the Ultimate Blog Swap)

I think my favorite thing about summer is the plethora of fresh summer produce.  When you grow your own, or even when you purchase it in the store or at the farm, there is almost always more than I can eat before it goes bad.  Making muffins is my favorite way to use up the summer produce that might not be texturally pleasing to eat on it’s own anymore.  Here is a trio of muffins using three of my favorite (and abundant!) summer fruits & veggies:  Rhubarb, Stawberries & Zucchini…

Beach Bag Essentials @ My Favorite Things

Our family LOVES the beach! Since we live in northern Michigan where in a bad year you might get only 5 good beach days, we have learned to be prepared to take advantage of all five of those days…

and How to Make the Worst Hamburgers EVER! @ Homemakers Challenge

Today, I’m going to share with you how to make the worst hamburgers ever. Seriously

There were some great tips in the comments, too :).

I just wanted to share these fun, useful summer reads for you.  Enjoy!

Jen S.

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