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I am a die-hard natural cleaning mama. With four boys and a Boxer who thinks he is one of the children, I have lots of dirt and grime to clean up. Several years ago it occurred to me that although I was cleaning the main surfaces I was overlooking some equally dirty ones. It wasn’t until the umpteenth time that I grabbed a hold of something and realized how dirty it was that I got a clue. I’ll share some of those spots with you.

First, you need a great cleaning All-Purpose Spray. I have my own recipe made from natural, safe, non-toxic ingredients but you can use whatever you are comfortable with.

So what are the spots we shouldn’t overlook? Here they are:

  1. Clean your walls.
  2. Clean and disinfect light switches, door knobs, remotes, and phones.
  3. Clean small appliances.
  4. Clean behind and under large appliances. Don’t forget to clean behind handles and the air vents.
  5. Clean stepping stools.
  6. Clean cabinet doors and knobs. Clean the space above cabinets.
  7. Clean range hood.
  8. Clean ceiling fan blades.
  9. Clean and disinfect trash cans.
  10. Clean tracks and rails of sliding doors.
  11. Clean off curtains by tossing into the dryer on low heat for 10-15 minutes.
  12. Clean and disinfect toilet brushes and plungers. Clean well with a disinfectant like hydrogen peroxide then leave outdoors in the sun to dry.

It is so easy to overlook certain things when speed cleaning but if you add just one of these a day to your chores then you can get them all done twice a month!

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4 Comments on 12 Oft-Missed Cleaning Spots {Ultimate Blog Swap}

  1. Frank-carpet cleaning Macomb MI
    2 March 2013 at 12:54 AM (8 years ago)

    Great tip on cleaning mirrors and glass. Wet a cloth with water and pour a little vinegar on the cloth. Wipe the mirror down and the use a dry cloth to dry the mirror. Your mirrors will be streak free and will not haze up over time like most glass cleaners will do. The best part is it’s cheap and healthy!


    22 May 2012 at 2:40 PM (9 years ago)

    Good tip on the curtains. I vacuum mine sometimes but a toss in the dryer would probably work better.

    I was wiping down my kitchen cabinets this morning – just a little spot cleaning – and noticed that the textured part of my dishwasher front was DIRTY! I hadn’t noticed before until I was on the floor, eyeball to eyeball with it. I sprayed it with all-purpose cleaner and got out my trusty toothbrush but it’s still not back to it’s squeaky clean state. Guess I let it go too long. I’ll be working on that now and then!

    And that’s the nice thing about periodically getting those areas we miss – if you keep up, they never get too bad!

    Great reminders.´s last blog post ..Rolling With What Life Throws Your Way


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