I LOVE to have people over.  My budget, however, doesn’t allow me to have people over as much as I like.   A group of my friend, however, have a tradition of throwing gatherings on a budget.   Bring Your Own….Everything.

Well, okay, not EVERYTHING.   How it works is that everyone brings meat to grill plus a dish to pass.   The host usually has the same, plus dessert and table service.

Everyone tends to bring enough meat for their family plus a little extra and the extras are passed along for everyone to sample.   There are tons of sides to choose from and because you bring your own, you know that there will be something your kids to eat.

The other beauty of this plan is that it makes it very informal and you never have to worry that you will be late or that the food will be gone or cold when you get there because you cook your own on arrival.   It makes nap time and other kiddo concerns super easy to deal with.

Granted, this isn’t for everyone.  But if you have frugal friends who like to hang out, but feel the same budget pinch, this might be a great alternative to trying to coordinate a potluck.

Would your friends be up for a gathering like this?   Do you already do this?

Jen S.



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