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Advertising postcard, picture side, for the "Happy Day" washing machine, sold by the National Sewing Machine Co. of Belvidere, Illinois. Opposite side of unmailed card shows boilerplate message: "Dear Madam:/ If you will try the 'Happy Day' Washing Machine, you will surely buy it, because it operates so easily and cleanses so very thoroughly." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I must confess that while I tend to expect a lot of my kids, I’ve never been one to make them clean up or do chores.  Until I had two little people making messes.  It was also kind of hard to teach them chores when I’d rather be reading books — mine or theirs!  As I’ve become more domestic, I’ve created a list of things that my oldest can help with.

– set table
– clear table
– help cook (mixing/dumping)
– unload dishwasher
– put away silverware & dishes they can reach
– take out compost
– mop
– sweep
– wipe off counters & table
– put away groceries
– help wash/dry dishes

Living Room
– use carpet sweeper for crumbs
– pick up and put away toys, books, DVD’s, etc.

– make bed
– put clothes away

– sort laundry for washing
– load washing machine
– transfer to dryer
– clean top of washer/dryer
– match up all socks
– fold kitchen linens
– fold hand towels & washcloths

– clean the walls
– mop floors
– clean fronts of cabinets/side of tub

– sweep deck/porch
– pick up sticks
– rake leaves

– get drinks for themselves or others
– get snacks for themselves pr others

Do your little ones have formal chores or do they just shadow you?


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