I’m so excited to be able to share my first Allume conference sponsor with you!

I’m also excited that they got with me so soon because I get to share some BEAUTIFUL First Communion items with you!   My daughter is still too young (just turned four), but I am looking forward to being able to share in the sacraments with her!

They have fabulous, orthodox gift items to help your loved one’s special day be a memorable one!

Isn’t this St. Maria Goretti First Communion Veil beautiful?   And less than $30!

This gold-plated First Communion Charm Bracelet would be loved by any little girls.  It includes 5 charms:  a Miraculous Medal, a Crucifix, a chalice, a Guardian Angel Medal and Praying Hands and would be a memorable gift for your granddaughter or goddaughter!

If you have a boy to buy for, there are several REAL Catholic bibles available– not just Catholic versions of Protestant bibles.  What a great time to be able to upgrade them from a picture bible to a real bible of their own!

Of course with coming more fully into the church comes a little more responsibility to pay attention and Aquinas and More Catholic Goods also has a selection of Children’s Missals.   They even have a missal for those who attend the Traditional Latin Mass!

If you are a Godparent or other family member looking for a GOOD Catholic First Communion card, you will find those also!

Aquinas and More Catholic Goods is a fabulous online shop for Catholic items.   NONE of their items are made in China and for good reason.  I love that they walk the walk!   Ian Rutherford started his store in 2002 and it is run by his family and friends.  If you are in need of Catholic items or gifts for the sacraments, I would start at Aquinas and More — Good Faith. Guaranteed.

Thank you to Aquinas and More for agreeing to sponsor me at Allume this year!!

Jen S.



Disclaimer:   Aquinas and More has agreed to partially sponsor my trip to Allume in October.  I love Aquinas and More and their related companies and I’ve dealt with the owner several times.   It’s a small family-owned company and I would rave about them even if they hadn’t sponsored me for the conference.

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