Today’s guest post is by Emmy @ Discount Catholic Products.   Enjoy!


While Valentine’s Day is traditionally for couples, it doesn’t mean you can no longer celebrate when you’re married with kids. Three years ago, my husband and I started a Valentine tradition with our twin daughters. We’d spend the day making heart-shaped goodies, creating Valentine cards, playing games, and watching movies.  Here are some ideas that you can try:

Valentine Breakfast in Bed

Last year, my husband and the kids surprised me with breakfast in bed—heart-shaped pancakes, mixed fruits in a heart-shaped bowl, cranberry juice, complete with a long-stemmed rose! I’m usually the first one to wake up in the morning as I have to prepare everyone’s breakfast and lunch bags. They had to get up before I did and it was one of the sweetest things they’ve done for me. The kitchen was, of course, a mess but I didn’t mind cleaning up. Just thinking about it always brings a smile to my face.

Arts and Crafts


Making Valentine cards from scratch is a great way to foster creativity in children and it’s inexpensive, too! Set up a table with art supplies and let them design their own cards. Prepare cut-outs in advance so they won’t have to use scissors. You can ask them to make a different card for each family members or their close friends and teachers.

Exchange gifts

Who says exchanging gifts is only for Christmas? In our family, we also do this for Valentine’s to make it even more special. Since we began our tradition three years ago, we’ve received various presents from the kids—handwritten notes and cards that say “I Love You.”

As for me, my “gifts” often involve baked goodies like cupcakes and cookies. My husband, on the other hand, gives them a book filled with heart “coupons” (free help with assignment, movie date with Dad, kitchen elf for the day, etc.) which they absolutely love!

Heart Hunt


This is one of our favorite activities and it’s especially fun when the twins have their friends over. What I do is make several heart cut-outs and hide them all over the house. The kids would go on a “hunt” and whoever finds the most hearts wins. Sometimes, my husband would join the game but of course, he always lets them win.

Fancy Dinner at Home

Forget about eating out on Valentine’s Day. Whip out your kitchen skills and cook up a feast instead. It can be anything from spaghetti and meatballs to meatloaf with mashed potatoes on the side. For dessert, strawberry-flavored jello or chocolate cupcakes with pink or red frosting are perfect. Make it a family affair by letting the kids help you out.