You would think that wearing skirts and dresses would make me more demure and feminine. Well, I would anyway. And I’d be dead wrong. Dresses do not stop me from losing my temper and yelling at my “exactly-like-her-headstrong-mother” daughter. Did you get all that?  And not only are my 3 year old and I throwing estrogen canons all over the house, but my 1 year old has decided to join the fun.  YIKES!

Given the increase in the amount of yelling around this house, Lorrie’s e-book Yelling: The Cause, The Casualty, The Cure could not have arrived at a better time. Lorrie is somehow able to sympathize with the reasons that I yell while making me resolve to change. And she can do all that without making me feel like a terrible mom! In addition to pointing out the causes, the discusses the effects of yelling on children and how to beat your trigger points.

Her first cause – child training (or in my house, lack therof) TOTALLY hit home for me.  In fact, I didn’t read the rest of it for a little bit to work on that one.   Either our 3 year old could do whatever she wanted or I nitpicked her to death.  Finally, I decided to get the BIG THREE and address them every. single. time.   And it worked much better.  Even my husband noted that I nitpick less and our home is more peaceful.  And if I give an inch, she takes a whole mile and I have to start all over again.  The tips have been great for changing other little things in my disposition, too.

Thank you to Eternal Encouragement for providing a copy of this ebook. This is a trial post — I am in the running for being a Gabby Mom blogger for them. Wish me luck!

4 Comments on Yelling: The Cause, The Casualty, The Cure {Gabby Mom Review}

  1. Cindy
    12 December 2011 at 5:52 PM (9 years ago)

    Wonderful review. I love the estrogen connection…just wait till they are teens! YIKES!!!
    You incorporated the links nicely also! Well done!


    jen Reply:

    Thank you!!


  2. Krysta Radder
    24 November 2011 at 2:39 AM (9 years ago)

    It is a known fact that if a mom yells too much it will damage the kid in some ways, I haven’t read the book so far, but as a mother i also yell a lot. I have noticed the ill-effects of it, the kids school has been complaining that at times when my 6 year old loses his patience, he starts to scream.. and it has been causing the problems for him in the school.

    As a mother I have understood that it is because of my yelling at home that is making adverse effect on the kids. I have started to control my anger a little bit. I think i will buy this book, I hope it will help!
    Krysta Radder´s last blog post ..UPVC Doors


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