This was originally posted on another blog of mine (Happy Homemaker Reviews).   I consolidated them to continue to simplify my life.   – Jen  (04.2012)



While I’m not currently having any “punctuation,” due to ecological breastfeeding, the flip side of that is that I do have pretty intense discharge.  Or maybe that’s just what happens after you have two kids.

Either way, one of the things I do to keep my underclothes looking new without using disposable pads is to use reusuable ones.   It saves me time in that I never run out & have to go to the store and I think I will be able to use them for a REALLY long time, which means I can probably at least break even.  Better than either of those, though, it saves my sanity — I don’t have all those scary chemicals so close to my body!   In fact I bought 2 of each of several kinds and will be doing a series on which I liked best and why in November as part of The Green File.

If you’d like a sneak peek, you can check out this post I did at Simply Stacie’s place.

Do you use reusable pads?

Jen S.

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