Ever have one of those books that you enjoyed so much you were sad it was over?   This book is kind of like that.

Along Wooded Paths is the newest novel in the Big Sky Series by Tricia Goyer.   I was stoked to be able to read the first one and the second one was just as good, if not better.

In this newest book, Marianna has decided to stay in Montana until spring.   Her beau back home, however, has decided that he needs to go to her.  Are the rumors about the liberal nature of the community true?   Is she is going to come home to him?

On his way there, he breaks his leg and is stuck there for six weeks.  Marianna remembers why she loved him, yet the Englisher who is a family friend still tugs at her heart.   She goes through an eternal tug of war trying to determine if she can go back to her old home, knowing what she’s learned out in Montana.

I loved the book so much that I was both glad to have read it and also sad that it was over.   I’m looking forward to reading the next book so I can find out her decision.   But I’m really sad that it’s probably the last in the series!   Marianna’s struggles were so real and after reading so many Amish books, it’s an interesting point of view about how sheltered they are.


Along Wooded Paths Party

 Intrigued?    Check out an excerpt or read what others on the blog tour had to say.

Check it out!  You won’t regret it!!

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