Monday, September 19
B- cold cereal
L- OUT: grocery store/errands
D- enchilada pie (emealz) & Spanish rice

Tuesday, September 20
B- leftover pumpkin waffles & sausage
L- PACK: pb & j, string cheese, crackers, apples
D- ham, mashed potatoes, squash, butter rolls, green beans

Wednesday, September 21
B- yogurt & sausage
L- beef n butternut squash stew
D- Italian sausage loaf (emealz)

Thursday, September 22
B – pumpkin waffles & egg
L- pepperoni pizza pita ($5 dinner mom lunch cookbook p. 184)
D- spaghetti pomodoro, salad (emealz)

Friday, September 23
B- yogurt & sausage
L- tuna fish sandwiches, pretzels, apple slices
D- fish, rice, steamed California blend veggies

Saturday, September 24
B- eggs, toast, American fries
L- chicken quesadillas,
D- pizza night (or leftovers)

Sunday, September 25
B- buttermilk pancakes, sausage
L- PACK: ham sandwiches, chips, apples
D- scalloped potatoes, leftover ham

I realized that I didn’t get to this Monday (oops). Better Nate than Lever :).

Jen S.

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