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We’ve recently decided to quit trying to sell our home. The tough part is making it through the winter. Among other things (like massages & vacations to WDW), I keep my sanity by buying fresh flowers for my house. I have a black thumb & can kill a plant in 30 seconds flat. In my house even cheap flowers from the grocery store stay alive for a week or two if you do a few simple things.

1. Cut the stems on the diagonal when you put them in your vase. If the aren’t too long & you don’t need to cut them, do it anyway. Cutting off on the diagonal opens more pathways for water to travel up the stem. Use a sharp knife, not scissors.

2. Cut off the leaves below the water line. The leaves introduce bacteria that plug up the pathways that water travels.

3. Change the water daily. I know, I know. If I could remember to water daily, my plants would stand a chance. The few times I have managed to change the water or at least add it, they live much longer. While you have them out, give them a fresh cut, too.

4. Add 7Up to the water. You could also use sugar or any clear pop. It provides a little food & is a great alternative to the florists chemicals.


Do you keep flowers and plants in your house?

Jen S.

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