Arg!  I had the whole thing typed out on my phone in the WordPress app and then my phone rang.  I Lost. It. All.

Monday, August 29
B – out; to grocery store
L – sandwiches
D – fried chicken, LO mashed potatoes, LO carrots, LO baked beans

Tuesday, August 30
B – french toast & sausage
L – sandwiches
D – brats, corn on the cob, chips + milkshakes for dessert!

Wednesday, August 31
B – smoothie & sausage
L – sandwiches
D – Pot Roast, potatoes, carrots

Thursday, September 1
B – french toast & sausage
L – Sandwiches
D – Beef N Noodles

Friday, September 2
B – Yogurt & Granola
L – Sandwiches
D – fish, rice, veggies

Saturday, September 3
B – bacon, eggs, toast
L – leftovers or sandwiches
D – hot dogs, chips, veggies

Sunday, September 4
B – eggs, toast, american fries
Dunch – steak, american fries, veggies

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