So in July I had these grand thoughts on what I thought we could do this year.  Then I decided that it’s better to have a solid foundation.   So, here is our revised homeschool choices for the year.

Our resources:


Who Am I? – Catholic Heritage Curricula – Ages 3 & 4

God’s Love Story – Catholic Heritage Curricula



Letter of the Week worksheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler

I Can Find Letter Sounds – Catholic Heritage Curricula

Little Folks Letter Practice – Catholic Heritage Curricula

Little Stories for Little Folks – Catholic Heritage Curricula

Catholic Heritage Handwriting: Level K – Catholic Heritage Curricula




I Can Find Numbers & Shapes – Catholic Heritage Curricula

Little Folks Number Practice – Catholic Heritage Curricula

MCP Math: Level K – Catholic Heritage Curricula


Fine Arts

–  Last year’s art & music plan

–  Making Music, Praying Twice

I also got a super-cute looking book about teaching children about different instruments to review (keep your eye open for that) and got a set of Musical Instrument flashcards in the $1 section at Target, so I might make and post a plan for those resources, too.


Nature Study

Our city has a really neat preschool program called peepers that meets every Tuesday at 10 am and has a little lesson inside and then goes outside to experience it.  Every week.  Rain or snow.   It will make sure that I get Lil’ Bit out of the house at least a time or two a week :) .



Little Saints:  A Catholic Preschool Program

  • Famous Poems Old and New
  • Sing-Song
  • A Child’s Garden of Verses

Plus art supplies out the nose.

Montessori on a Shoestring from Catholic Heritage Curricula and Montessori @ Home projects.


Our tenative day will look like:

  • breakfast & Who Am I?
  • Little Saints Preschool
  • Montessori Project (1/day)


Oh and we are starting today.   Here we go!



Any tips for a newbie about scheduling, corralling all the STUFF that you need to make it fun for preschoolers, organizing it all, etc?  I’d love to hear it!

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