When my youngest was a baby, we stayed the night at my grandmother’s house.  The next morning, we gave her a bath and my grandmother was tickled to see that my daughter LOVED taking a bath.  I guess the last time someone spent the night with a baby, bathtime was a nightmare.  I realized that we do a few things from birth that make bath time fun.

1.  Bathe with the babe.

Babies love their mommies.  Babies do not love cold hard plastic tubs.  How much more pleasant would a bath be if the baby is held in the loving arms of their favorite person and is comfortable?  Besides, it is a lot easier on your back!

2.  Keep it warm.

I got a few of those little duckies with the word HOT written on the bottom that turns color when the bathwater is too hot for a baby when my first was born.  Have you felt how cold the water is to make that not change color?  Yikes!  Do number one and you will be able to tell how warm the water should be.   We aim for warm enough that after 10-15 we are both starting to get cold.  If we find we’ve made it too warm, it’s easy to pull the baby so he/she is not so deep in the water (if we are bathing with the baby).

3.  Bubbles!

Even green baby cleaners have bubble bath.  Use them from birth.  I know someone who tried introducing bubbles at age 2 and it didn’t go so well.  Bubbles are great fun for feeling, playing in, putting on people and throwing around.

4.  Have bath toys.

Bath toys don’t need to be something you purchase special.  You can use some plastic bowls and/or cups and the baby would probably be happy.  We have always had a few rubber ducks which my husband swears helps with their hand eye coordination as they try to grab at a moving target.

5.  Change positions.

Change the position frequently.   Sit them up.  Lay them on their back (with their head resting against you).  Help them to stand.  Help them hover forward to grab a toy in the water.  It helps them get comfortable in the water in all positions and makes it a normal extension of fun.


Finding ways to make baby love bathtime will help them to love the water!   And it will help make this necessary “chore” easier for you :).

How do you make bathtime fun?


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