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My friend Katie over at Kitchen Stewardship has just released the 2nd edition of her e-book Kitchen Stewardship in the Big Woods: The Family Camping Handbook with Real Food options.  This was the first book that I purchased of hers and when we talked about going camping again this summer, the first thing I did was get out my copy.

I have camped many times, but never conventionally.   We’ve always done reenactment camping (Rendezvous/Fur Trade kind of stuff) and that requires MASSIVE amounts of stuff.  Heavy stuff.  A trailer is pretty much required, which is kind of the reason we don’t do it much anymore.   The Family Camping Handbook is an excellent resource for normal camping with kids, even little ones, for someone who has never done it before and has the bonus of having great real food recipes that are camp-friendly.

I can’t wait to dig through my newest copy and plan our first camping trip for the year.   For a limited time, she is offering the newest version for the price of the old – a bargain at $4.95 for this week only.  Use the code 2NDEDITION for the discount — – go get your copy today!

Jen S.


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