Day 092/366 - To Do List
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Last year, I made a 101 in 1001 list.   I don’t know what I was thinking making what is essentially a three year plan when I’m not done having babies.  Babies always throw off the game plan as you adjust to their needs & personalities.

Anyway,  I decided to go to more of what Heather calls a “big fat list.”  It’s less of a list of resolutions and more of a list of what I need to do or want to do in the next year.   Many of them are the same but my projects are much different.  And there are a lot fewer of them!


  • spend time with God daily.  I’d like to do a morning offering, grace at every meal, the Angeleus 3 times a day, evening prayers and also read the daily readings.  I do much of this already, but not consistently.
  • Pray the rosary more frequently.  I’d LIKE to do all 15 mysteries a day, but I’m going to aim for at least a Rosary a week.   Which is more than what I’m doing.
  • Pray for husband & children more frequently.   Currently I do this…well, not often at all.
  • Go to daily mass.   I’d like to go weekly, but I’m aiming for 1-2x/month.
  • Keep holy the sabbath.    Not just to go to church, but to truly make it a sabbath.
  • Do Eucharistic adoration at least monthly.
  • Go to confession monthly.
  • Do some daily spiritual reading — even if it’s only 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Get a spiritual director.  Yeah, I still want to do this.
  • Celebrate everyone’s Name Days (or Patron Saint).


  • Take my vitamins & nutritional supplements more regularly.
  • Exercise 5 of every 7 days.
  • Eat fruit/veggies as my snacks.
  • Sweets & pop are S-day treats (Saturday/Sunday/Special Days)
  • Brush & Floss multiple times a day
  • Wash face and moisturize 2x/day
  • Wear makeup & jewelry regularly
  • Stretch regularly
  • Revisit & reexamine life for priorities quarterly.
  • Go to Dr.’s regularly (dentist, eye, annual, etc)


  • Date every two weeks minimum even if it’s just a movie downstairs without girls.
  • Touch more.
  • Kiss hello, goodbye & goodnight.
  • Never say bad things about him to others.
  • Tell him what I appreciate about him regularly.


  • Do a better job of teaching about God.
  • Resume teaching basics.
  • Read aloud daily.
  • Play outside daily.
  • Quiet time daily.
  • Become effective disciplinarian.
  • Be consistent!
  • Have a routine!
  • Play with them
  • Get into a bedtime routine, including prayer.
  • Have dates with Lil’ Bit.

Character & Relationships

  • Limit computer time.
  • Limit tv & movie time for ALL!
  • foster gratitude
  • Call parents regularly.
  • Keep in regular contact with brother & sister in law.
  • Do frequent random act of kindness.
  • foster friendships with one or two women.
  • entertain more – dinner & parties, both.
  • find fun family activities to do on a regular basis.
  • Give more, give gladly!   Or at least offer it up :).

Financial & Provider

  • Stick to the budget!!
  • Work the Dave Ramsey plan.
  • Find small ways to add income (mystery shop, surveys, craigslist, ebay, contests, etc.)
  • Find ways to lower expenses.
  • follow home maintenance routine.
  • keep up with paperwork.
  • sell the house!!!


  • Take more pictures (365 Project)  & movies.
  • blog regularly.
  • simplify & minimize

I’d love to know what you hold near & dear…Leave me a comment with a link if you’ve blogged or just share your ideas!   Happy new year!


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  1. Jamie
    1 January 2011 at 5:20 PM (9 years ago)

    Lots of good goals….I like the S days on the sweets and pop 🙂
    Jamie´s last blog post ..New Years Resolutions


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