Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
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It’s really very fitting that I have scheduled this post for this month.   I was doing a very good job after my retreat this summer and had even begun the process for becoming Consecration to Jesus through Mary.   But I missed a key piece of finishing the consecration process and after that I kind of fell off the wagon for not only my prayer life, but for the rest of my duties as well.

With the busyness of my schedule (between shopping, cooking for after the baby, and all my gym, chiropractor, and midwife appointments), I have to be SUPER careful to avoid neglecting the best things (God, my lovely husband, and my wonderful daughter), to do the URGENT “have to get this done before the baby comes” projects.   Let’s just say that writing about the importance of this could not come at a better time!   With that said, let’s get on with it…

One of the things that the Apostolate of Holy Motherhood made very, very clear was that it is important to be devoted to the duties in your station of life.  In section 22, titled “In The Daily Duty…Sanctification Will Take Place,” the Blessed Mother tells Mariamante:

…They need your attention more often…A mother must be available to her children when they need her and not busy about other less important things.  Your husband must be made to feel needed and important.  Help him have greater respect for himself and for others…Be careful not to let him feel left out.

I also recall reading somewhere that the devil would rather have you pray and neglect your duties; I wish I could find the source of that and I truly believe it.   When I went to my Ignatian retreat in July, the thing that kept kicking me was the neglect of my daily duties because I was dorking around on the web.   I not only neglected my duty to the people in my life, but the house wasn’t that great looking either!    How can I become sanctified in my life if I’m not doing God’s will in light of my vocation as a wife and mother?

I can’t.  It’s impossible.   It’s so essential to pray for grace to keep devotion to the duties of your vocation.   I have previously written a series of the study of the book, A Mother’s Rule of Life, which can help guide you in the duties of your vocation.  Please use it with caution and pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  It is so easy to come up with schedules and rules and to-do lists and completely miss the heart of the matter (ask me how I know!  Hmph.)   I have also recently finished a series on creating your household notebook, according to the principles in the same book.

This month, I resolve to get up with my alarm (instead of ignoring it), and have some quiet time with the Lord to pray for guidance in my day.   I have a schedule that is not too grueling, even as pregnant as I am now that the heat has abated.  There is no reason not to follow it.

Join me in prayer and ask for God’s guidance.   What are the most important things?   Are your actions showing those?  If not, how can you change things?

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