I meant to post this while I was away on vacation, but well, let’s just say I actually *gasp* enjoyed my vacation!

Here was my original 101 in 1001 list at the beginning of Advent (about 6 months ago):

1. Do a morning offering daily.  – doing poorly
2. Read the readings daily.   – ditto
3. Pray the rosary daily.  – ditto
4. Pray the chaplet daily.  – ditto.  thinking of replacing with Angelus.

5. Pray for husband & child(ren) daily.  – ditto

6. Go to daily mass once a week.  – nope
7. Keep holy the sabbath.  – not to shabby; missed twice I think.
8. Create a new saint day or church holiday tradition every month.  – haven’t done that either.
9. Do Eucharistic adoration at least monthly.   – started this month & I like it!
10. Go to confession monthly.  – pretty close; I usually screw up in that time, so I kind of have to!
11. Read 1 catholic book a month.   – I’m pretty sure I have.
12. Get a spiritual director.   – still working on  — we switched parish’s and I think my new priest will probably be good about it.
13. Work on the virtues-1 per month, revolving.   – haven’t started.
14. Read backlog of catholic books & other bible studies before buying any more new ones*.    – does asking DH to buy me one for my birthday count as me buying one?
15. Read 2 works by great theologans.  – 1 down – True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
16. Listen to all 10 years of Catholic Answers on my iPod.  – almost through 1/2 of the Scott Hahn episodes.

17. Take my vitamins daily.  Multi, calcium, stresstabs & fish oil.  – I should be since I’m preggo, but sadly no.  I was doing awesome until the morning sickness set in.
18. Exercise daily.  -hahaha
19. Eat 5 fruit/veggies day.  – hahaha
20. Floss daily.   – good intentions, right?
21. Wash face nightly.   – nope
22. Wear makeup & jewelry.  – yes, actually.  Wearing a watch that looks like a bracelet is a HUGE help.
23. Increase flexability/stretch daily.   – really need to start now!
24. Revisit & reexamine life for priorities quarterly.  – I guess this is it.
25. Go to Dr.’s regularly (dentist, eye, annual, etc). – yep

26. Date every two weeks minimum.   – not really but doing better now that MIL is picking the munchkin up…
27. MYOB ;)
28. Touch daily. – bad this week, better overall
29. Kiss nightly.  – ditto
30. Relax at night.  Duh.  – better
31. Flirt!  – again bad lately, better overall
32. Write a love note once a week.  – not even started; can texts count?
33. Support al’s work & help.   – does helping him find a replacement help ? 🙂
34. Come up with date night ideas & put in e-book form. – not even started
35. Go on a couples retreat.  – not anytime soon!

36. Read daily. – yep
37. Play outside daily. – now that it’s nice out, yep.
38. Quiet time daily. – usually
39. Teach. – slacker
40. Crafts weekly.  – hates crafty/coloring stuff.  Unless it involves stickers.
41. Try something new weekly.  – nope
42. Become effective disciplinarian.  – with grandma having Dagny for days at a time?  I don’t stand a chance!
43. Create a new secular tradion every month.   – sometimes

44. LIMIT CPT TIME!  – getting better; that’s why you haven’t seen me as much!
45. Give 5  ‘i saw this and thought of you gifts’ – none yet
46. Send out one mailed card or note a week. – nope
47. Call parents weekly. – mostly
48. Keep in regular contact with grandparents, brothers, aunts/uncles, etc. – not really.
49. Do a random act of kindness monthly. – done once
50. Make a routine & stick to it M-F.  – hahahahahhaahhaah

51. Stick to the budget!!   – not so much
52. Replenish emergency fund.  – working on it
53. Begin investing 15% into retirement.   – when EF is done
54. Start college fund.  – when EF is done
55. Build sinking funds for other goals.  – working on
56. Replace Quicken.  – DONE
57. Save $10 for each goal completed.  Use it to go on vacation.  – we already went on vacation :).
58. Buy 3 of every 4 books used.   – if swapping & reviewing books counts , we’re good.
59. Find small ways to add income. – selling stuff on CraigsList to get TV room re-established.  We missed hockey!
60. Actively seek out needed or wanted items used or swap.  – I check but I don’t want to wait 12 months for something we need soon — like bed rails for munchkin.

61. Organize & backup computer files. – humph.  1 of 3 hard drives is probably dead as we speak; need to pay bucko bucks to get data back since it’s the business computer and I have been unable to get things done down there since I got preggo again.
62. Take more pictures & movies (weekly/monthly).  – wish I had
63. Create photo wall in dining room.  – will inventory frames and pictures and get prints made as soon as tv room & office are cleaned up (and computer is functional again)
64. Read every childrens picture book in library. NOT!   Library changed late fees to $0.10 per book per day.   40 books for 7 days = cheaper to BUY books!
65. Start a garden.   – we did!  I have tomato plants, onions, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce.   and I still have to plant the cantelope, pumpkin, and squash.
66. Plant a fruit tree. – not yet.   next year.
67. Eat & buy more locally.  – yep, drinking local milk & eating farm eggs.  and we got a local cow that is FAB!
68. Get a freezer.  – DONE!
69. Finish & do emergency preparedness stuff – complete 1 thing a month. – not started
70. Reuse, reuse, reuse & repurpose. – yep.
71. Sell the stuff that didn’t sell at yard sale. – working through that right now.
72. Learn to sew. – not yet
73. Make my own pantyliners.  – still in progress
74. Make more wipes. – have plenty
75. Make rendezvous clothes on wish list.  – not started
76. Make Dagny & I matching fleece capes. – not started
77. Recreate the yellow flower quilt for king bed.  -not started
78. Make an apron.  – not started
79. Make family Halloween costumes  – funny.   I’ll be 8-3/4 mos preggo on Halloween.
80. Make a wool cloak for rendezvous.  – not started
81. Finish hemming Bones’ pants.   – 3.5 pr left
82. Have 5 craft parties.   – none yet
83. Make a gingerbread house.   – not yet
84. Throw a party each quarter.   – nope; preggo and felt icky. will have one soon
85. Go to a Red Wings game.  – lets hope!
86. Go bowling x times.  – I didn’t pick a goal but we’ve gone with Dagny twice.
87. Decorate the house for every season.  – i guess I don’t really decorate in summer.  Huh.
88. Do archery weekly in summer(s).  Started last week.
89. Rendezvous once a year minimum.  – it’s not looking good.
90. Become comfortable with my handgun. – maybe at the end.
91. Go on vacation.  – we just got back from Disney World. Whoo-ho0!
92. Attend a women’s or blogging conference.   – did in Advent; doing another in July.
93. Have someone over for dinner at least every other month.   – need to start.
94. Go to Disney.   – two birds with one stone!
95. Respond to blog comments.   – fell off the wagon at blog party.  need to catch up.
96. Interact with other bloggers regularly.  – sigh
97. Bake something new once a month.   – or not.
98. Create a plan to grow my blog with minimal work.   – or none?
99. Get domain.  – did a while ago, I think.
100. Use new template w/my new header.   – done
101. Eliminate the Unnecessary!!!  – working at this every day!

2 Comments on 101 in 1001 Update

  1. Alicia
    19 June 2010 at 8:00 PM (10 years ago)

    I think I may “steal” your list and tweak it for myself! I feel you on a lot of the “not done”s lol I had plans to do certain activities with my boys this summer such as work on learning about Saints. We haven’t done one stinkin thing yet lol Oh well, we must try harder next time and move on…. I’m so glad that someone else is having the same issues as I am!!


  2. Just Mom
    18 June 2010 at 7:13 AM (10 years ago)

    THis is pretty intriguing! I am new follower so I will have to go back and read old posts to see what this project is all about.
    .-= Just Mom´s last blog ..So Happy Together By Maryann McFadden =-.


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