No huge successes or failures this week.

I wore out the other pair of jeans.  They are so thin that literally ANY MINUTE, I may have a huge gaping hole in a place that, well, no one but DH should see.

I used up a lot of leftover buns for garlic bread.  I’ve even used up a bunch of extra noodles in lunches.  I’ve been pretty successful in not throwing out extra food for a change.

What have you done to Use It Up, Wear it Out, Make It Do, or Do Without?  Share your info in the comments or in the MckLinky below!

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  1. lynn
    23 February 2010 at 7:18 PM (11 years ago)

    I’ve been trying to use up food that’s stashed away in the freezer. We had a large garden last year, and as a result I have quite a few jars of tomato sauce, apple sauce, grape juice, freezer pickles, etc. in there. The other day I came upon a ziploc baggie of pureed pumpkin, and some green onion ends. They made a delicious soup. And I was quite proud of myself, as I’m not really a pumpkin lover and don’t usually have a lot of luck making soups 🙂 So now I’m encouraged to keep going with the freezer “purge.”


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