Welcome to the final week of our Mother’s Rule of Life online book study.  If you are just joining us, you can view all the MROL online book study posts at any time as an independent study.  This week, we will be studying Chapters 9 & 10 – Getting Determined & The Heart of a Mother’s Rule.

The Getting Determined chapter spoke right to my heart.  As I mentioned when we started, motivation is my biggest struggle.  In this chapter, she emphasizes the fact that THIS is our vocation, THIS is our job and THIS is what we can do to glorify God.   We need to choose; to “grab our vocation by the horns and CONQUER it!”   We will never become good at it until we “choose, consciously and deliberately, to be true to our vocation.”

God doesn’t ask us to be successful, only faithful.

– Bl. Mother Theresa

In The Heart of a Mother’s Rule (chapter 10), I noticed something else that I’ve skipped over every other time I’ve read it.   Holly had shown her rule to her spiritual director and came away doing it in obedience to him.  Obedience gave her the strength to do the work.  Do you find that obedience has given you strength?  Or have you not tried it either ;)?   What do you think of that idea?   Who could you be obedient to?

I also found another thing to try to wrap my brain around.  I talked about making my tasks a form of active contemplation at the beginning and she discusses how once you get into a routine and everything is dealt with, you mind is not concerned with petty things and you can begin to HEAR God!   Isn’t that reason alone to work all these things out?!?

In the Appendix, Holly closes with her Spirit of a Mother’s Rule.  For right now, I have hers printed out (from the workbook) and I will be contemplating, as I build my rule and consider our family and our life & goals & callings, coming up with our own.

Thank you, ladies, for joining me on my little Mother’s Rule of Life journey.   It’s interesting because as I’ve written these posts, I’ve gotten more out of them than I ever have before.   Isn’t that the whole “8th habit” thing?   Anyway, I loved talking to you and reading your responses and thoughts.   Thank you again for joining me!

I’d also like to invite your feedback.   Would you like to see a follow up post in a few months to see how things are going?   Did you get a good start on what you wanted to accomplish?   What did you like?  Or dislike, for that matter?   Feel free to post in the comments or email me privately (jensteed.08ATgmailDOTcom).

And, if you are interested, starting on Monday, March 8, I will be starting a series on creating your own Household Notebook, based on the 5 P’s.  Please subscribe or check back to get some help in setting up and finalizing your Mother’s Rule at a nice relaxed pace.

God Bless!

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