Sorry that I didn’t get this up last week.  Lil’ Bit wasn’t feeling well and I was doing some (MORE) discernment surrounding computer time.

This week I had some successes…

USE IT UP – I used up some getting old baby carrots in a pot of HOMEMADE turkey soup.   Mmmmm.

MAKE IT DO – I started working on my Household Notebook v.4 this week. Instead of going out to Walmart or Staples to get NEW supplies (I CANNOT be trusted to not come out with $50 of office supplies), I pulled an old note book out and decided to cover it with fabric.  I wanted this HN to be pretty so that I might, you know, USE it.    I used stuff I already had to make my notebook.   I’m still debating about the fabric though.   I’m not a sewer so my fabric stash is SUPER small.

How did you do this week?   Leave a link or comment and let us know!

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