It’s been a while since I participated in Seven Quick Takes but I just felt drawn to it today…Lots of things that aren’t enough for a full post.   I think I’m closing in on the end of the first trimester.   Not that it means much.  This pregnancy has been so subtle that if I hadn’t been pregnant before, I’d brush it up to other problems.   I could ALMOST see the whole “I didn’t KNOW I was pregnant” thing.   Except when it comes to the kicking, belly, & heartburn.  Come on.  Really.


Since we are pregnant, we are starting the process of getting Lil’ Bit to her own bed.  So we are night weaning.  Once she falls asleep, I don’t let her nurse until at LEAST 4:00-4:30 AM.   And often she didn’t need to.   But now we need to make sure that she doesn’t.   I can’t be night nursing two :).    I’ve found that a later bedtime and hardy bedtime snack help her to sleep longer.   Any other tips?   She’s 20 mos old.


Carrie @ Reading to Know has started a new challenge/blog:   Reading my Library.  I love it!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of that instead of just getting overwhelmed about where to start or how would I find a good book for Lil’ Bit.


Incidentally, I also won the first three books of the Anne of Green Gables series from Carrie and got them in the mail the other day.   I can’t wait to start them.   Thanks, Carrie!


Speaking of books and libraries, my local branch had their used book sale last week and I SCORED!  I got 20+ PRISTINE vintage Disney records, including my husband’s favorite from when he was a child:  Rudyard Kipling’s Just-So Stories (including the Elephant’s Child, read by no other than the voice of Sir Hiss in Robin Hood)!!   I got some neat kids books, too, but the records were the height of my day!


And it was a Disney kind of weekend, because while I was standing in line waiting for the library to open, I got an email that I had won a Disney prize pack from 5 Minutes for Mom!


We also went to a Fall Harvest Festival at a quasi-local apple farm (an hour and a half away).   We were kind of let down.   The weather was nice, but it just wasn’t very cool.  Lil’ Bit, as always, was attracted to the play structure/swings.   They had no cider.  WTF?!?   The donuts were awesome (fresh out of the oven…yum!).   And it was a little early for Bones’ favorite apples, though the Honeycrisps might be my new favorite.   Anyway, it wasn’t much better than the heirloom apple farm & they have TONS of varieties.

So that’s it for me.   For more quick takes, visit Jen @ ConversionDiary.com.

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