I got a phone call that my keys were turned in a few hours after I posted last week.   Yeah!!!


Last week, I mentioned my love for bloggy giveaways.  I won another one!   This was a 6 foot play tunnel from Adventures of a Somewhat Crunchy Mama!  It came in already and Lil Bit will LOVES it.  Whoopie!   I also got a Michael Buble CD from a twitter party I went to yesterday at @momsmarbles.   But that hasn’t arrived yet.  Obviously:)


Ooooh and my Disney Basket from 5 minutes for mom came in.   It was fab!   I got a beach towel, a reusable shopping bag, two vinyl mickey mouse figurines, minnie mouse ears (headband), a big stuffed minnie and mickey mouse, a pirate spy glass, a mickey mouse sword/flashlight, a disney theme park Monopoly (The BEST!), a princess pen, a mom stickie for my car, a (NICE) insulated coffee mug, a baseball hat and a cinderella music box.   Very cool!  I now have some toys that older kids will find interesting, too.


Bad ice cream is not worth eating.  I bought some Ben & Jerry’s & some Haagen-Das.  Then I bought Country Time.   Ughhhh.  Barely worth eating.   Glad I only bought a pint!


We are traveling to RC this weekend to go to my dad’s wife’s son’s wedding.    It’s going to be a family filled weekend and I haven’t even considered what we are going to pack or wear yet and we leave today.


Does not wasting food EVER become second nature or do you always have to be super diligent about it?   I’m good for a while and then I throw out enough food to feed a third-world country for a day!   It’s super frustrating!


I am thankful for all that God has provided (especially via giveaways ;D) including the health of my lovely girl who has been coughing (but nothing worse) all week.   I am thankful for my home, the fact that I can afford heat, the occassional treat (usually books), MORE than enough food to eat and great friends.

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