This was originally posted on another blog of mine (Simplicity —  Small & Cheap).   I consolidated all blogs to simplify my life.   – Jen 6/19/09

Every Saturday, we make pizza from scratch.    I even make my own dough, but even if you aren’t that gung-ho, making your own pizza is definitely more fun than ordering in.


1 pizza dough, made or bought ($1.00 for homemade)

jar pizza sauce – 15 oz for 11×18 cookie sheet pizza ($2.29 purchased)

mozzarella cheese – about 2 c (one bag) for 11×18 sheet pizza ($1.67 on sale)

toppings – whatever you like!    This is where you can break the budget–or not.   We consider pizza a treat and therefore ALWAYS have pepperoni and green olives on it, making our minimum topping cost about $2.00.    If you choose to use leftover meat and veggies, this can be uber-cheap!   We had some leftover bacon this week and added that, too.

Grease the cookie sheet and drizzle cornmeal to keep pizza from sticking.   Spread dough to cover.    Pour sauce and spread with back of large spoon.   Cover sauce with mozzarella cheese.     Add toppings as desired.


Put in oven and cook according to directions for crust.   My homemade crust makes 10 fairly big/filling pieces.   We ate 2 each but also skipped lunch.   If we eat lunch that day, we eat one piece each.

Cost per slice – $0.70 (assuming base + pepperoni & green olives)   Your results may vary based on crust & toppings used.

What are your favorite pizza recipes?   Leave us a comment and let us know!!

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