1. We have spent soooooo much money this month. I’m afraid to add it up. We’ve just lowered the price on the house & spent a few hundred on curb appeal. And I bought Lil’ Bit a bunch of summer clothes on clearance in the next size up. And stocked up on Diapers. And bought myself a ton of clothes and a few books with some of my bookkeeping money. Like it’s goin’ outta style, folks. Ugh.

2. I meant to write this months ago, but I am now fertile again as of late-April. Lil’ Bit must have realized she threw the switch because she’s allanout nursing again :).

3. I have been looking for & signing up for book review places left and right. I LOVE books and couldn’t buy enough if I had $300/month! I posted my first review today and have my next selection (which I can’t get for 9 more days) narrowed down to 2. I also have 2-3 more on the way. It’s like Christmas!

4. I was glad to make it to church (albiet late) for the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I desperately need his grace these days.

5. I consolidated all my blogs into one spot and I can’t tell you how big a weight that has been lifted. No more posting in the wrong spot, trying to come up with original content for multiple sites to have it active enough. I think it will boost my stats a bit too since they aren’t spread all over the place.

6. A friend and I are having a yard sale next month sometime. I really need to get the rest of the purging done soon. I still have the hall closet, the storage space and the shed to go through.

7. The AngelFood stuff isn’t as bad as I’d feared. I still wouldn’t buy the veggies though. The rest of it is surprisingly good!

That’s all for this week. Find more quick takes at Conversion Diary.

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