I didn’t do days 2 or 3 because I was out of town.   If another day is light or I feel the need at the end, I’ll catch up.   Because of our (my) quest for less stuff after our florida trip (see smallandcheap.wordpress.com for more details), I’ve condensed and removed most items in our living room and reorganized what was left.   My WONDERFUL husband cleaned the windows a few weeks ago because he was sick of looking out fog and we vacuumed the whole rooms really well when we changed couches a month ago.    SO.    On with the kitchen.

I took the lead from our party post and started with the food areas.    First up?   The pantry.




The pantry only really needed to be cleaned and re-organized.   When we returned from FL, it was nearly empty.   I just needed to rearrange to put like stuff by like stuff AND what was within my lovely DD’s reach.

Here is all the stuff that was IN my pantry:



After I wiped off the shelves, I also put shelf liners on.   I never did finish after we moved in and I still had 2-3 rolls left so I did the pantry anyway.



Luckily, I had very little in my pantry that was clutter and the pile for the food pantry was very small…mostly convenience food from the camper that we don’t normally eat.

I was blessed with DD napping a lot.   Well, maybe it just feels like a lot because I am able to pull away sooner and she sleeps longer on her own.   I heard someone say recently that God blesses your efforts–but there have to be efforts to bless.   Well, he’s certainly multiplied MY efforts today.

I also did the lazy susan that has my baking stuff in it.




I wish I could post a pretty picture of matching containers, labeled with a label-maker.  Like these:

1237407601-10860BUT I didn’t see what I wanted at Walmart (I had to run there anyway for toothbrushes for DD) and my label-maker is buried somewhere in the disaster that is my office.

So I just vacuumed the crumbs and plastic shavings that have been accumulating since we moved in, wiped off the shelves and put everything back.


Oh and I did label all the unlabeled mystery containers that only I know the contents of.    With masking tape & a sharpie :).

The other major thing I got finished was the spice cabinet.



There was a lot of unnecessary stuff in here because it was a convenient place  to stash things when showing the house.



Again, because we purged before going to FL, I only had a thing or two to get rid of and a jar of flour (for gravies and such) to label.

Some other minor things that I did during the PM nap were cleaning the front of the fridge and cleaning the cabinets over the fridge (only thermos’ in them).

And I finished off by making a some coconut cream pudding with goat’s milk…which, if you are interested, doesn’t seem to set.   GRRRR.

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