Take 2. I had these all typed out and something broke and I couldn’t save it. Sigh. Anyway, I’m excited to be hanging out with Jen & friends doing 7 quick takes Friday again. Come see what everyone else is up to! Awesome logo by the way.

We listed our house for sale. On one hand, I’m really excited about forced minimalisation and can’t wait to dump the junk. On the other, it truely felt like a nest I could just dig into. I think I will miss that when we go to empty it out.

I was very glad to see our good friends from the Great White North. They are on their way home today. Please keep them and their daughter who got sick Wednesday (flu-like), in your prayers.

Props to DH for getting my blog working with my phone. Whoopie!!

My daughter turned 1 on 01.31.09. It went by so quickly and she has grown soooooo much. Crazy.

I always laughed at people who couldn’t live without AC. I always thought the were weenies who couldn’t take a little warm. Sorry. But now that we are in a camper that consistantly stays 10 degrees hotter than outside and it’s supposed to be 80+ all week in mid-WINTER… Well, let me just say, mea culpa, and bring it on.

That being said, let me just stress that I am eternally grateful to be where it’s 80 degrees instead of having to deal with 80 inches of snow.

It has never been so apparent what a schmuck I am, as it is reflected back at me via my child. Yeesh.

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