This was originally posted on another blog of mine (Simplicity —  Small & Cheap).   I consolidated all blogs to simplify my life.   – Jen 6/19/09

…and are mostly settled in.   We got into town a week ago today and spent 3 days unpacking a little, working a little, and getting to know our new trailer.    The bathroom sink was busted, the hot water heater doesn’t seem to function and there is a sugar ant colony inside of it somewhere.   But it seems to be water-tight and we haven’t yet killed the electrical system so that’s good!

We spent Saturday going around the Keys with Janice, our benefactor and spent Sunday at her house watching football and doing laundry.   Bless her!

This week, we are settling into a routine and are cooking from scratch instead of eating out.     Later, I’ll post pics of the new digs & how we’ve settled in.      I also have a MPM post that I didn’t put up, some recipes, and a grocery shopping update.   AND I scored big today at CVS and K-Mart — K-Mart did Super TRIPLE coupons (under 75 cents) in Marathon.   Whoo-whoo!!!   They don’t do that in MI!!!

Now that we have a computer desk, internet and the office set up and settled in, I will be able to post those in short order.

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