…I’ve been thinking a lot about New Year’s Resolutions after reading a weeks worth of posts on the subject.   I’ve got to say that I like Jen’s post — it’s essential and simple.

In another season of life, I would have a whole host of resolutions, plans, follow up dates, and it would all be in my calendar.   In addition to the fact that I now have a mobile 11 month old, we spent the week between Christmas and New Years traveling down to Florida (view the gory details here).    Then once we got here, my beautiful 11 month old got terribly sick.   She was running a really high fever – 104! – for several days.    The ER trip was a nightmare and they were wrong to boot.    Good thing, too; we can’t get her to take any medicine.    After all three trips to the hospital/doctor, it was determined that she has roseola or a roseola-like virus.   Luckily, her fever is finally gone.   Boy was that freaky!   Anywho, this is not the personal development season of life, obviously.

That being said, my “resolutions” are as follows:

* to be a healthier example for my daughter.    Now that she eats foods and especially since she always wants what we have, I need to eat better foods.    And more of the good stuff and less of the bad.    And really just less overall.    And I also need to make sure that I exercise — especially important now that we will be living in a camper and there isn’t enough room for HER to get HER exercise in there, so I need to make sure we get out and exercise/play together.

* to be a better wife.  Much easier now that we can leave Lil’ Bit for a little while.   I really need to get back to being my husbands girlfriend ;).     To that end, I hope to take better care of myself (bathing daily, dressing to the shoes, doing my hair and makeup) and also getting my colors done so that I can start buying some nicer clothes that fit well and look good.   I also need a haircut.

* to be vigilant about our financial plan.   We are currently trying to open another office in Florida and can/should be living VERY simply while we do so.    We are on baby step #3 because we had to dip into our Emergency Fund just a little a few months ago.    Otherwise, we would be on baby step #4 – retirement.   Hopefully, we will be saving enough by living simply down here to be able to bring the FFEF to full and then invest a little.    We’ll see.    I’ve started another blog — smallandcheap.wordpress.com — where I am detailing our living simple and (hopefully) cheap.

* to become closer to God.    I need to get back in the habit of praying and studying and reading.     Since we started preparing to move, I have completely lost my routine…In EVERYTHING!

Those are the only goals (if you can call them that) I can shoot for in this season of life.

What are you shooting for this year?

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