Thanks to Jen @ Conversion Diary for hosting the fun 🙂


It’s scary to have your baby get sick.    Lil’ Bit was running a 104 degree temp for 4 days (ended up being roseola).    I’ve never been so worried.    For the full story, read more here.


Since Lil’ Bit started walking she became an entirely different child.   She went from being a quasi-baby to being a full-fledged toddler.   She does things and laughs at herself.   She is discovering how to open/close/assemble/take apart everything!    And climb up on stuff.    YIKES!!!


The Keys is a very different place.   It’s almost 3rd world, but not quite.    Very old school.    There are chain stores, but they can’t have big signs on the streets.   They also have very old school hours…many places close early (7 or earlier) and are closed on Sunday’s–sometimes Monday’s too.   The buildings are very…disposable…  Hurricanes and all that, you know.


Wow.   Seven is a lot today.  My brain barely works.


I have been wearing myself out lately.   Between the stress of moving, driving, Lil’ Bit being sick, etc., etc., etc.    And I’ve been doing a terrible job of taking care of myself.    I felt really yucky yesterday.    And I haven’t been praying enough either.    I felt much better after praying for a while.


I’m so grateful that my iPhone has internet.   Bones said I wouldn’t have any down here and although my time on a computer is limited, I’m glad I can at least READ while she naps.


Overall, glad to be in the South.   We haven’t started pushing business real hard yet, but it’s warm and the trailer is nearly put together.  Finally!

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