Everyone who has children should have Infant/Child CPR. Seriously, it should be “required”, like childbirth classes & slings. Less for the CPR & more for the choking. If we were to average the class cost as a per use charge, we are at less than $1/use. She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. I swear she generates things out of thin air and if she isn’t magically finding things, she is aiming for death via apple. Sigh.


Couponing is hard. I’ve been shopping every two weeks and find that I’ve rarely been able to use a coupon with a sale. Money Saving Mom does a great job of listing internet printables and such but I just never have the money when I see the deals (its REAL lean this month–trying to avoid use of the EF). How much luck do you have up here? We don’t have a super Walmart or SuperTarget or Aldi’s. No one does double-coupons… So how do you stretch your dollar?


I actually sewed something last week while my mom was in town. It only took like an hour and that was after I had to re-thread the machine 5 times–I finally determined the reverse is broken. It was a fleece cape for DD. I have to cut out & sew mine still, but hers is done.


I’ve become addicted to Facebook. I started using it a week or two ago and I find that it gives me a way to find, talk to, and keep up with people I actually know in real life but don’t get to see very often because we all have life going on. Fun stuff :).

I’ve been working on making/adding/qualifying our family traditions now that we have a child. Among other things, I’m trying to add some of the more important faith-based traditions. It seems that we are going to be bucking some secular traditions. We’ve decided to fill the stockings on the feast of St. Nicholas (Dec. 6), give only 3 christmas gifts (Jesus only got 3). we’re going to have a Jesse tree (I have to make those ornaments quickly, advent is almost here), the tree will be going up on Christmas Eve, and that’s all I have so far. I’m also working on a thanksgiving project, but will post that when it’s complete.


We’ve found a place that broadcasts the Red Wings games: Justin.tv. Yeah!!!! I got to watch 2 games this week–the first I’ve gotten to watch this year!!


Let the childproofing continue…. She’s discovered the stairs. Now we need to install the gate at the bottom of the stairs. And she’s figured out how to open cabinet doors, too. Half of those are done. And the coffee table with corners is downstairs until, well i was going to say until she’s steady on her feet, but I’m betting it’ll not come back ’til they are all older.

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  1. MamaMidwife
    15 November 2008 at 6:39 PM (12 years ago)

    Cracking me up here!!

    I can totally relate. And yes, slings should be mandatory for every new parent. I wish someone had shown me one when I had my first! I’ve only gotten to use them on the youngest 2 so far.

    Great post!!


  2. Jennifer F.
    15 November 2008 at 12:14 AM (12 years ago)

    #4 – This is so weird. So I’ve been clicking through to the Quick Takes post, and *everyone* is talking about Facebook. I feel myself getting lured in. Must…resist… 🙂

    Also, thanks for the reminder about #1. I’ve always meant to do that but have never gotten around it it. I really should.

    Thank you for participating!


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