This was originally posted at another blog of mine that I have deleted.   I have combined all my blogs into this one for the sake of simplicity in my already busy life.   Jen – 6/13/09.

I haven’t done as much as I could for the pro-life cause; I’ve only made it to PP about once a week during 40 Days for Life. I also didn’t make it to the life chain last weekend. But I’ve said more Rosaries than ever before so I guess that’s something.

Anyway, I DID make it this afternoon. We were most of the way through the Rosary and a heckler came through spouting some nonsense about thinking about what would happen to the babies after they were born. I wonder if she realized I was holding my 8 month old before she came storming through. I know exactly what happens when you have a baby. You get one of these:

That was taken about a month ago; she is our whole world.

Before I left, Lil gave me a wonderful booklet from Priests for Life that had, among other things, the Mysteries of the Rosary with Pro-Life Meditations. You can get that booklet here:

God Bless.

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