This was originally posted at another blog of mine ( that I have deleted.   I have combined all my blogs into this one for the sake of simplicity in my already busy life.   Jen – 6/13/09.

We are getting ready to go to “the Benzie’ as we call the August rendezvous. at the Benzie Sportsman’s Club. We know which boxes automatically come with us — cooking/kitchen gear, our bows, bedding, clothing, etc, The first thing we always plan is what to eat. I’ve been planning what to bring from the freezer & pantry for a week now. So why can’t i get it together enough to do it for the week at home?

It’s only 8/17 & I’ve completely OBLITERATED our grocery budget for the month. I ordered a set of e-books online last weekend that had information on making bread from scratch, inexpensive suppers & breakfast, and a Supermarket Savings class among other things. Her first lesson addresses Meal Planning. I did a great job of this before DD was born. I even tried a new recipe or two a week because I planned them–my repertoire is pretty limited otherwise. I kind of gave up after she was born. She’s 6-1/2 mos old now–it shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to plan better, both to eat better and to save on my grocery bill. The e-books have great meal planning recipes and forms but if you decide not to go that route, these sites have good forms & info also:

How do you plan your grocery trips/meals? Leave a comment & share your frugal and/or time-saving tips.

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