I quit doing First Place. It was a great idea, if anyone bothered to do what they promised. One of the things you promise to do is encourage someone weekly. I was pretty good sending encouragement to EVERYONE for the first 4 weeks and the only encouragement I ever got from others was 1 in response to one I had sent out first. The same 4 people were on the message boards and the exchanges were a pain to figure out.

So I’ve been using SparkPeople for the last few days and I’m loving it. They have goal setting areas on there for weight and non-weight/fitness related goals, they have VERY active message boards & communities, they have a comprehensive calorie count library as well as a place that makes it easy to figure out the number of calories in your own recipes.

Plus, for those of us that are competitive, they also give out points for doing certain activities. You don’t get STUFF with those points, but you have bragging rights for different trophies for different point levels :). This one seems to have the community aspect that I really need.

If you’re interested to see my progress, you can find my stuff under the login of steedj.

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