Well, I’m about 6 weeks into, as I have lovingly referred to it, religious fat camp.   And, surprise, surprise — I’ve fallen off of the wagon.

I did very well with eating until Christmas and then lost it between Christmas & New Years.   Then 1/2, I started working with my personal trainer — interesting when you’ve been trained on what you SHOULD do (not usually what actually happens, but nonetheless…).  Anyway, I’ve been going faithfully to her twice a week except for the week I got sick and was in bed for 5 days.   So I’ve been exercising 5x/wk (appox.) but my diet has gone to hell.   EXCEPT that I’ve been eating much more in the way of fruits and veggies.   And I’m tired as all get out.   I think that I’m not quite over my sickness yet — still have some stuffy and throat clearing going.

Will I ever be able to get all 3 of the big pieces together at once?   It doesn’t seem like it should be that hard – exercise, eat fruits/veggies, limit carbs.   Don’t get me wrong — I am by NO stretch of the imagination an Atkins or South Beach freak or anything of the sort.   All my binging is occurring in the carb category.   Always has been.

I’ve also fallen off the bible study portion of the wagon and haven’t even really done my other bible studies either.

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I am not a multi-tasker period.   I can really only do one or two things at a time if I want to do them well.   I can either exercise or I can eat well.   I can eat within the carb guidelines, but not if I want to remember to eat more fruits AND veggies.   I can’t do my bible studies AND my diet/exercise targets AND be a better wife.   So what’s a girl to do?

—I edited the rest of my post — I’ll get on my anti-feminist soap box some other night when I’m more coherent.

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