I finished my first 5k. I jogged the WHOLE thing, start to finish. I went at such a leisurely pace that I had plenty to kick it up a few notches to cross the finish line.  So leisurely, that I had people walking who had better times than me.   My time was 42:04 which averaged to a 13:34m Mile.    This is about 1-1/2 minutes/mile slower than my practice times- which wipe me out.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased.   I was able to do the whole thing without walking (which was my goal) and I was able to do it in under 45 minutes (which was less of a goal than an estimate of how long it would take.).   About mile 2 my knee, which has never bothered me before, started to hurt.   I’m used to having muscle pain but not joint pain.   I’d rather have DOMS than joint pain.   Anyway, after a bit of time under the heating pad, they are feeling a bit better and will probably be fine in a day or two– I’m young :).

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